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Tournaments Results :NECA 20, SUNDAY , JUNE 29, 2014
Congratulations to all who competed in the 20th National Educational Chess Association tournament June 29th at the Italian Center of Stamford. It was a great test at the end of the school year, and we’re looking forward to seeing players who will join us at the Summer Chess Camp, available through the Darien Summer School program. Email necachess@gmail.com if you are interested in more on that program.

Below are tournament results by team and division. You can also see your child’s updated rating and progress on the site plycount, and within short order on the U.S. Chess Federation site.

In TEAM RESULTS, Hindley Elementary of Darien won top honors with seven players earning 11 points. Hindley’s players included Sean Roberts, Maya Pujara, Rajiv Pujara, Mateusz Zalewski, Jameson Davis, James Jordan, and Ryan Thom Roberts. Following Hindley was Brunswick School of Greenwich, with four players earning 10 points. Whitby School of Greenwich came in third with four players earning 9.5 points. Also placing were (4) Northeast Elementary of Stamford, (5) Rogers Elementary of Stamford, (6) North Street School of Greenwich, (7) Bi-Cultural Day School of Stamford, (8) New Canaan Country School or New Canaan, (9) The Long Ridge School of Stamford, (10) West Elementary School of New Canaan, (11) Royle Elementary of Darien, (12) Springdale Elementary of Stamford, and (13) Farmingville Elementary of Ridgefield.

In the KINDERGARTEN DIVISION, Neel Behringer of North Street School took first place with four points. At the start of the tournament Neel’s rating was 528, and he exited the tournament with a rating of 635, picking up 107 points. He was followed by (2) Nathan Tadiashvili of Bi-Cultural Country Day School with three points, (3) Arav Ramaswamy of The Children’s School, (4) Avery Beck of Whitby School, (5) Sean Roberts of Hindley School, (6) William Knispel of Farmingville Elementary, (7) Owen Hecker of Greens Farms Academy, and (8) Maya Pujara of Hindley School.

In the FIRST GRADE DIVISION, Grant Fisher of Brunswick School took first place with three and a half points. Grant entered the tournament with a rating of 311 and exited with a rating of 574, picking up 263 points. He was followed by (2) Rajiv Pujara of Hindley Elementary, (3) Tony Zhu of Brunswick School, (4) Mateusz Zalewski of Hindley Elementary, (5) Andrew Min of Rogers Elementary, (6) Zachary Santiago of Long Ridge School, (7) Gabriel Babaev of Bi-Cultural Day School, (8) Kieran Mohindra-Green of New Canaan Country School, (9) Jameson Davis of Hindley Elementary, (10) Daniel Kletter of Royle Elemenary, (11) Christian Xia of South Elementary, (12) Gus Aspillaga of Long Ridge School, (13) Ainsley Birminghan of West Elementary, and (14) Brendon Harmon of West Elementary.

In the PRIMARY NOVICE DIVISION, Nathan Balaev of Northeast Elementary took first place with four points. Nathan entered the tournament with a rating of 353, and completed it with a rating of 543, picking up 190 points. He was followed by (2) Oscar Birmingham of West School, (3) Jason Balaev of Northeast Elementary, (4) Asher Beck of Whitby School, (5) Desislava Krasteva Gale of Royle Elementary, and (6) Sean Huempfner of Springdale Elementary.

In the PRIMARY OPEN DIVISION, first place went to Anthony Kranadze from Rolling Hills School in Dix Hills, New York. Anthony earned three points. He started the tournament with a rating of 339, and moved to 631. He was followed by (2) Daryl Yishe Lavin from New Canaan Country, (3) Henry Milf Graham of Brunswick School, (4) Meena Behringer of North Street School, (5) Henry Vandervoort of Julia A. Stark of Stamford, (6) Max Nakanishi of Brunswick School and (7) Asa Fleischer of The Long Ridge School.

In the ELEMENTARY NOVICE DIVISION, James Toomey-Wilson of Rogers Elementary earned first place with four points. He entered the tournament with a rating of 515 and competed it with a rating of 606. James was followed by (2) James Jordan of Hindley Elementary, (3) Andrew Jaroch of Pear Tree Point School in Darien, (4) Jonathan Baleyev of Northeast School, (5) Nicholas Huempfner of Springdale Elementary, and (6) Carlos Aspillaga of Long Ridge School.

In the ELEMENTARY OPEN DIVISION, Joseph Ho IV of Whitby School took first place with three and a half points. Joseph entered the tournament with a rating of 1081 and completed it with a rating of 1168.
He was followed by (2) Zachary Amendola of Burr Elementary, (3) Filip Graham of Columbus Elementary in Norwalk, (4) Beatrice Low of The Ridgefield Montessori School, (5) Nicholas Stephens of Whitby School, (6) Suyash Jain of Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford, (7) Ethan Xia of East School, (8) Andrew Br Knispel of Farmingville, (9) Benjamin Cooper of Cos Cob Elementary, and (10) Ryan Thom Roberts of Hindley Elementary.


Congratulations to Jackson Choi from Brunswick School for winning the K-3 Connecticut State Championship in his section, March 16, in Fairfield. Jackson is a first grader who attends the Advanced Chess Club at the Italian Center in Stamford. The tournament was his 21st, earning him a U.S. Chess Federation rating of 813. Jackson started his tournament career in November 2012 debuting with a rating of 388. Today he has played 96 rated matches winning 60 of them. Congratulations also to Dicheng Wu for winning his section the day before at the same tournament. Dicheng attends Ox Ridge School in Darien. He now has 22 tournaments under his belt moving from an initial rating of 482 in January 2011 to a rating of 1429 today. Dicheng has played 78 rated games and won 41 of them. Great job to both of these players!

The National Educational Chess Association summer chess camps are available through the Darien Summer School program. They are open to players of all levels from beginners to tournament players. Beginners will play a full game all the way to checkmate by the end of the week. Intermediate players will learn new strategies and openings. Tournament players will study famous games and learn how the best players in the world win.

Competitions during the session will include ladders, team tournaments and individual matches. Each day’s class will include playing time, lecture and study time. This is an especially good opportunity for players to meet others who take the game seriously and learn from them. 

Enrollment is limited to 16 students per instructor, with some classes being smaller, based on age and experience. Parents are invited and encouraged to join the class at no cost as parental involvement in a crucial ingredient to success.

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