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Breaking news!

12 Year Old Darien Chess Student Ties for 1st 
 & Wins $3,250 in 2015 Philadelphia Open!

In what can only be described as the tournament of a lifetime for most chess players, rising young chess star Jack Grills from King School in Stamford has already had that dream come true at the age of just 12!  Not only did he tie with 3 others for 1st place in the under 1800 rated section of the Philadelphia Open held from April 1 to April 5, but he won an astonishing $3,250!  Few chess players win this much after a lifetime of play and Jack has many more years of tournament play to top that!

In Jack's section, there were 88 players and he was ranked 54th with a pre-tournament rating of 1651.  Most of the players in the section were adults.  Based on all that, it was anticipated that it was going to be more of a tournament to get playing experience rather than hoping for victory since almost every player we would face would likely be higher rated.  

And in fact, that's what happened: his opponents were rated 1705, 1726, 1749, 1763, 1768, 1786 and 1799!  As you can see, Jack had to face 4 opponents 100+ points higher than his rating.  That is significant because a rating difference of 100 points translates to a 64% win expectancy for the higher rated player.  Yet, out of that group, Jack won 3 of 4!

In total, Jack won 6 out of 7 games in the grueling 4 day event, with each game lasting 4 to 5 hours.  His reward was a jump from 1651 to 1829, a Class A rating!  When the May rating lists of the US Chess Federation are published, Jack should be around 55th in the country for his age.  

Before the tournament, Jack, his coach and his parents were debating whether he should play in the 4 day schedule with longer games or the 3 day schedule with less time per game.  Finally, Jack made his decision: he wanted to play in the more rigorous 4 day schedule.  "I
 like longer time controls because it gives me an opportunity to think longer and make correct decisions about my moves," he explained. "I don't like to be rushed when making a move."

"I was concerned he was going to be exhausted by Sunday," said his coach Michael Zadorozny, "but he showed remarkable stamina.  I was waiting back in Connecticut for him to call me when he was done with a game.  One of his evening games lasted so long that he didn't call me until almost midnight!"

How did Jack perform so well?  His coach explained: "Jack showed that he could handle tough situations against excellent competition.  In other words, he would bend, but he never broke.  These were strong players Jack had to face and naturally they knew how to apply pressure.  Though his opponents often had an attack, he stood firm, waiting for his opportunities.  In chess, opportunities appear all the time and so a good chess player never loses hope.  Jack was alert for them and seized those chances each time at the right time.  I'm very proud of how he played."

At the end of 2013, Jack's rating was 1259.  Today, it is 1829, 570 points higher and a big step closer to a master's title at 2200!  That shows the power of hard work and sticking with something.

Finally, what is Jack going to do with all that money?

"I'm not
 sure yet about what I will do with the money, but I will definitely buy new baseball equipment.  I'll also share some of my winnings with my younger sister!"
We wish Jack good luck in his future chess competitions and especially in May's National Championships in Nashville, Tennessee.  We're sure that Jack has more fame and fortune coming from just around the corner! Congratulations from NECA team!

Advanced Chess Club : 3:15pm to 5:15 pm
FEB 28. MARCH 7, 14, 21, 28. APRIL 4, 2015


The club is geared exclusively to active scholastic tournament players who are looking for new opportunities to play quality games against their peers.
Each session features high-level lectures and 
challenging problems to solve. There is no club like this anywhere!
Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin will be coming in for regular guest lectures! 
The cost of the 6- week session club is $210 Siblings are half-price!


Tournaments :NECA 24, SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015


The 24st National Educational Chess Association tournament is coming and is an opportunity for your child to put their training to the test. Beginning players will be able to take part in an established and respected tournament. Experienced ones will have the opportunity to mark their progress against other sophisticated players.
The tournament traditionally draws tournament-ready and experienced players from across Fairfield County, Westchester County and Connecticut.Round times are currently set for: 9:30 AM; 10:45 AM; 12:00 PM; 1:15 PM. However, apart from the start of the tournament, organizers may start individual rounds sooner or later depending on the flow of play. It’s best to be on site. of these players!

The divisions are as follows:
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL: Open to grades 6-8
  • ELEMENTARY OPEN: Open to all players up to grades 4-5
  • ELEMENTARY NOVICE: Open to all players up to grades 4-5 who are playing their 1st or 2nd tournament, or players with a U.S. Chess Federation rating under 500, or who are unrated
  • PRIMARY OPEN: Open to all players up to grades 2-3
  • PRIMARY NOVICE: Open to grades 2-3 who are playing their 1st or 2nd tournament, or players with a U.S. Chess Federation rating under 400, or who are unrated.
  • FIRST GRADE: Open to 1st graders.
  • KINDERGARTEN: Open to kindergartners.

  (All students) Darien summer chess camps are open to players of all levels: beginners, intermediate players and tournament players. (1) Beginners will play a full game all the way to checkmate by the end of the week; (2) Intermediate players will learn new strategies and openings; and (3) Tournament-tested players will study famous games and learn how the best players in the world win...and how to play like them! Players will be grouped according to their level of play and age.

Your child will participate in many competitive activities, such as ladders, team tournaments and matches. Each day’s class will be divided into playing time (fun and serious games) as well as lecture and study time. Your child will have fun and improve at the same time, while making new friends. All participants will receive an award at the end of the week!

Enrollment will be limited to 16 students per instructor, with some classes smaller, based on the ages of the children who enroll. Parents, you are invited to join the class—at no cost— the second day of class. This will give you an opportunity to learn or improve your game, so you may better your chances of beating your child when you play chess at home!

Darien Summer Chess School


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